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A large number of viewership and easy earnings of over 60% is what makes an interesting website for all those who are aspiring webcam models. It is well known and caters to users of all major languages providing a large geographical diversity of clients for you to cater to. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of this website.

Membership process

As an aspiring model, if you want to register for this website and increase your chances of earning some easy money, you would have to go through a membership process. You will be asked to send in a video introducing yourself as an identity verification. They will also ask for a copy of your identity card and pictures. It normally takes some hours for the process to be completed but delays can be there up to a few days if there is some problem with your verification. The website practices complete anonymity and protects its member’s identities. They do not sell information to vendors or third parties at any cost.

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The user interface

The user interface of is relatively user-friendly. It allows its users to invite viewers and gives them a certain percentage of their purchases. The privacy of its models is of utmost importance for It never divulges any information and location details of its models to any third party. The user experience of this website is good. It provides users to block unwanted users and helps maintain complete anonymity for its webcam models. It also allows private chat options for its customers. The website operates in all the major languages catering to the needs of a huge user base. The website is fun and robust in terms of its user experience. 

Requirements from your end

This website has certain requirements that are to be fulfilled if you are interested to become a webcam model. It requires you to have a minimum upload speed of at least 1.5 MB per second. It also requires you to have a high definition camera for good quality video, good microphones for good audio. These will ensure that your videos have a good streaming quality and will enhance your viewership. The viewers will have a good user experience and hence the chances of them returning for more will be higher. The website keeps a ranking system where the performance of your videos will be measured and ranked. These ranks will affect your payment rate as well.  Better customer reviews also help increase your rankings. The website allows you to invite guests and also pays you a certain percentage of their purchases.

How much do you make on the site

The commission from this website can be as high as 60%. Sometimes even more. There is not a detailed breakup of the payment methods. There is one unique feature, however, this website allows you to invite guests on this website generating user base for the website. And in turn, the website gives you 25% of all their purchases as a token of gratitude. It makes for some easy money and fun work.

This is convenient and has become one of the selling points of this site. The commission rates are good, maintaining a good score of your profile just takes your audio and video quality to be good, and you can earn huge cuts off of whatever you make on the site.

Payment frequency and other details

The payout details and frequency for this website is not clear. It offers two modes of payment which includes Paxum and Webmoney.

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  • Offers huge commission rates
  • Huge audience base
  • Operates in all major languages increasing the audience base
  • Helpful staff and backend support

Offers extra commission on lead generations


  • Payout frequency not clear
  • Faulty performance if used with low internet speed
  • Minimum payout not clear
  • Not clear if it allows exclusive membership
  • Time-consuming identity verification process 


Bongacams is a website that does a lot of things right for a lot of models out there. First and foremost, the website allows you to earn up to, and in some cases, more than 60% of the earnings. This is a huge amount and is a very good incentive for anyone to join the website.

On top of that, the user interface seems to be non-problematic, the website offers you huge commission rates, the website has a huge audience base that has hundreds of people online at any given point in time, and the website operates in so many different languages which just expands its use a base- which is good for business. The website also offers extra commission on lead generation; so all in all this is a side that will not only help you make money but will also give you the privilege to choose your clients, make new ones and have fun the way you want to!

Overall, I give a score of 91/100.

Score: 91

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