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A huge number of a user base and a huge geographical location to cater to. offers a fun-filled community of people who love to interact with webcam models and in turn offers a great opportunity for aspiring models to generate some income. It is a very famous and well-known website to start your career with. The commission rate is as high as 60% and offers more chances of income by conducting various contests throughout the month. Let us find out more about this website.

Membership process

Membership process for this website is easy and requires a few steps. They require an introductory video of you. They also require a copy of your identity card and pictures of you. It is a mandatory process for any aspiring model who wants to register with them. They value their members dearly and will never divulge your information and other details on the internet neither they sell them to any third parties or vendors. The verification process takes few hours if all the details provided are clear. In case of any issues with the information, the process can take up to a few days.

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The user interface has a very user-friendly interface which when once mastered, can be used extensively for navigation on the website. It also allows the members to set up fan pages, do private or group shows. It also holds contests where a registered model can maximize their chances of winning cash. It allows models to sell their photographs and videos individually to customers. Models can use ‘Share and Earn’ links where they can earn up to 10 tokens.  The user interface of is relatively user-friendly. It allows members to block specific countries and use state block feature to block certain states from the USA and Canada in order to protect their identity.  They never divulge any information about their members to any third party or vendor.

Requirements from your end

There are a few requirements for this website. These include an upload speed of at least 1 MB per second. They also require you use a high definition camera for good video and good microphones for better quality audio. These are required so that your videos and photos are of higher quality and garner more views. The more the views on your videos, the better will be your ranking on the website. The website allows you to share private videos and photos with your fan base, which they can access using tokens. The value of the tokens is decided by the models. The site also allows you to earn through affiliation.

How much do you make on the site

The commission rate from this website varies from models to models. But they offer a wide range of opportunities to earn money. They hold hourly contests giving away 11,000 dollars every month. The most viewed room wins 10 dollars. While the second place wins 5 dollars. They also offer cash prizes to 48 winners every day. They offer tokens, where you can submit your documents and get ‘Age Verified’ to win them. You can do private or group shows. It also allows you to sell your photos and videos individually or set up a Fan club. This facility can be availed by members by the use of tokens. Models can decide the token amount. You can also earn up to 10 tokens by using the ‘Share and Earn’ link.

Payment frequency and other details

Payout frequency is of high importance to models. Which is why they offer various payout frequencies like, daily, fortnight basis, monthly, etc. And the minimum payout amount which they offer is 50 dollars. They offer the daily payout frequency to members who have received two pay period payments for the website. They offer payment modes such as direct bank deposit, Paxum, bank wire transfer and cheque via mail.

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  • High commission rates
  • Caters to a large target audience, with hundreds of members online at any given point
  • Operates in 15 different languages
  • Helpful staff
  • Various opportunities of income generations


  • Identity verification can be time-consuming in some cases
  • The website might fail to work if your internet speed is slow 


This is a website that is, first and foremost, known for fun- and free of cost for people around the world, while we’re at it! While most sites offer around 15 seconds of watch time per model, this is a site that is not as ‘sales oriented’ as many others are, this is something that makes it very desirable- if you want to go premium, you can. If you don’t, no need to worry. For the models, there are fewer constraints and more freedom for them to express themselves. All in all, Chatrubate does deliver models money at their convenience, but only with fun– something the site was made to deliver in the first place!

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