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Racking in hundreds of thousands of viewers every month, Live Jasmin is a live cam sex site that has been benefiting webcam models and customers alike! While the site offers a lot of value to the models- from an option to not go nude to VIP shows and the possibility of making a lot of cash while having fun, every site has its negatives as well. In this article, we will talk about both, and see what the site has to offer to all the aspiring cam models out there.

Membership process

If you are signing up as a model, Live Jasmine requires identity verification from you using video as well as an identity card’s copy, not to mention pictures as well. The process takes a reasonably less number of hours to complete and is completely secure- however, if there are any issues with the requirements, it can take a few days. Live jasmine does not sell or share your personal information as well as your identity with other vendors or any third party on the internet.

The user interface

This is a website that values the privacy of its models. The site allows the models to ban guests and users from certain countries as well as from their own region in order to protect their identity. The site also holds numerous features like muting of the microphone, privacy settings for private chats and so on, in order to give models the flexibility the required to feel comfortable. The platform has received mixed reviews from the models on the site so far, with most of them recommending it because of itsrobustness and easy-to-use navigation. But with that being said, there are minimum requirements that- if not met- will cause issues with the app.

Requirements from your end

Live jasmine expects all performers to have an upload speed of at least 1.5 MB per second and high definition cameras. The site gives a score of the performance of your account taking into consideration different factors like the quality of your streaming, the quality of your performance, the consistency the reviews of the customers and so on.

If there are too many problems with your account, it can be marked as ‘bad’ and the site can even, in some cases, cut a 5% commission from you. Hence, maintaining the quality of your performance as well as the quality and consistency of your account is extremely important for this site. From audio to video- make sure that everything is smooth, non-glitchy and top-notch to the best of your ability. Maintaining a good score is very important for you to succeed on this site as a prime model.

How much do you make on the site

The commission for models from this website varies from 30% to around 60%. The commission that you stand to make depends on your model rank on the website, which is a constant incentive for models to push further and further, and to deliver better performances in order to earn a great commission.

Payment frequency and other details

The payment system is a tiered one and requires the models to be available for a minimum number of hours that are set for them on a weekly basis. The minimum payout on this website is just $100. There are numerous payment processing options that you can choose from like Payoneer, bank wire transfer, and getting a cheque delivered to your mail. The frequency of payments is either biweekly and in some cases, on a 3-week delay. Please note that in cases of any fraudulent payment made by any customers the chargeback will be carried out on the model’s check itself.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Huge traffic on the site
  • The option of not being naked and still make a lot of money
  • Minimum payout of $100
  • Supportive staff
  • $500 Sign up Bonus (Limited Time Offer)


  • The registration process on the site can be time consuming in some cases
  • The app doesn’t work properly if your upload speed is less than 1.5MB/s and if your camera and PC settings are not compatible.
  • The requirement for you to be available online for a set number of minimum hours per week to earn good revenue from the site



Live jasmine is a site that offers you a lot of benefits- but only of you play by their rules. With hundreds of guests and registered users ready on the site to check you out and to pay you in tokens and tip you in money, this is a site that never disappoints someone who is an aspiring cam model. The only drawback on the site is the requirement from you to maintain a good score and to have the interface figured out so you can go and rule the hearts and pockets of hundreds of clients online, making a buck while having fun!

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