Ways to win over the cam girl

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If you are looking for simple ways to win the cam girl over on popular web cam sites, you are in the right place. Checking bongacams reviews is not enough, here is what you should do.

Send them gifts

Giving cam gifts is an excellent way to have her prioritize your request. You can check the items on her wish list and order for one of them. You can start with small gifts. When it comes to gifts you are not limited, you can buy her anything, even a bed.

Don’t ask her out on a date

You’ll end up ruining your chances of being the cam girl’s favorite if you ask her on a date. Always keep in mind that the cam girl is just a fantasy. You are only there for the cam show and nothing else. Only ask her for the requests and you’ll everything will be good.

Never ask her to do things she has said she won’t do

Cam girls are self-respecting women and have their limits. You can see the limits on their profiles or websites. If she has listed something that she won’t do, you should not push her to do it. Some cam girls will accept but only if you are a regular customer who is sweet to them. It’s not always the case.

Don’t be rude

The cam girl’s job is to play your sexual fantasies, but you don’t have to be rude. Being rude will only make things worse. You should be polite if you want to be on her favorite viewers’ list. It will take effort but it’s worth it in the end.

Be polite

You can warm your way into the cam girls by being polite. It will not take anything from you if you treat the cam girl politely. Being the sweet guy will take you places in cam sites.

Give her compliments

If you are going to give compliments make sure they are genuine. Don’t just do it for the sake of it. You should also make compliments respectfully. You can make compliments about her smile, her hair, or well-manicured nails. Anything you like about her.

You will get in the favorite list in no time by following the above tips. Being on the list has its benefits, for instance, your requests will be accepted quickly. you can also get some free shows depending on her moods.

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