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Xcams.com is a community where working as a webcam model can be fun and enjoyable. It provides you with ample opportunity to earn easy cash and fulfill your dreams of becoming a webcam model. We will be getting an overview of what the website is all about and how it operates.

Membership process

Membership process requires an introduction video of you and a copy of identity card. They also ask you to share some pictures of yourself. The process usually takes a less time but in case they find any problems with the details, the process gets delayed by a couple of days. They protect their member’s identity and never sell your information to an external party.

The user interface

The user interface of Xcams.com is very easy to comprehend. It offers you to earn while being offline, you can upload videos for your viewers. It allows you to hold private chats and VIP chats. Your viewers can buy gifts for you to boost your earnings which is not the case in other websites. The navigation is easy. They do not charge you any penalties or charges backs in case any of viewer’s payment fails. They cater to a large audience and hence offer you payouts in dollars or euros. They also have visitor websites which operate in more than 15 languages. They themselves operate in 7 major languages catering to a varied audience.

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Requirements from your end

This website asks for some basic requirements. They ask for you to have a minimum upload speed of at least 1.5 MB per second. Other requirements are that of good microphone and camera so that they can stream high-quality videos for their viewers. The quality of your video affects your rating and how much you are making.

How much do you make on the site

This website offers a high scope for income for aspiring models. They offer a commission rate of 45% and an additional 20% for referrals of customers. They are paid 20% of all their purchases. The rate is 5% lower if you choose to not use free chat. This website also offers free private chats and a number of simultaneous chats at the same time. They also allow you to charge up to 4 times higher for VIP chats. You can refer a model and earn referral earnings of 10% of their earnings for a year or 5% for the rest of your life. You can also upload videos and get paid for them even when you are offline.

Payment frequency and other details

The payout system for this website is a little different than that of others. They offer payment in two parts. Payment due for the first 15 days of the month is paid by the 20thof the same month, whereas the payment due in the next half of the month comes by the5th of the following month. This helps in maintaining a track of how much you are earning. The minimum payout is 50 dollars/euros and for daily transactions, it is 0.50 dollars/euros. The payment modes they offer are ePayments, bank wire transfer, Syspay, and Paxum.

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  • The rate of commission is high
  • There is no chargeback or penalty
  • Offers referral earnings
  • Offers referral on models as well
  • Payments in dollars and euros
  • Allows working with external websites
  • Allows you to earn even when offline
  • The staff is well versed in English, Dutch and French
  • Operate in 7 major languages



  • Low daily payment option
  • Verification can be lengthy at times
  • The website might not work with low internet speed
  • Limited payout modes


This is a website that is well-known for clients that pay well, as the structure of the website is all about business. The website allows you to all even when you’re not online by uploading photos and videos that users on the site can pay for, in order to access them. The commission of the website is neat, the user interface of the website is hassle-free. And the staff is supportive and they respond to your queries promptly.

There are only a handful of websites on the Internet that are premium, and that do not have a process that is hassle-free and xcams.com is one of those websites for sure. At any given point in time, you will have hundreds of people available online who can have access to your live cam, and as the chat window is only 15 seconds for free users, most people want to sign up to the website in order to access VIP shows and so on. This gives you a lot of leverage and control over how much money you want to make from the site. As long as you keep your profile score good, this is a website that will treat you well and will allow you to have all the fun you can have, and make lots of money while you’re doing it!

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